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Brass Luxury Jug

Brass Luxury Jug

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Brass Luxury Jug 0.86Kg

Brass Luxury Jug Design Kitchen Brass Handmade Decorative Jug With Handle Water stored in a brass vessel increases strength and immunity. Decorative Water Jug Water Serve Kitchenware Indian Brass Vessel Diningware Water Serving Jug that adds to your Home decor or can be used for decorating Restaurants, hotels, etc.

Benefits And Uses of Brass Water Jug

  • Easy Serve Water brass vessels help increase immunity and strength in our body.
  • Serveware, Spirituals & Drinkware, Decorative Gift Items, or your Home décor.

Product Highlights

  • Weight: 0.86Kg
  • Length: 8 Inch
  • Width: 4 Inch
  • Height: 5 Inch


Q.1 How to clean a Brass Jug?

Ans. Dissolve one teaspoon of salt in half a cup of Vinegar. Add enough flour to the salt/vinegar mixture to make a paste. Rub the brass idol with the Paste and leave for 10 minutes, then rinse and dry it.

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