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Pure Silver Satyanarayana Swamy idol

Pure Silver Satyanarayana Swamy idol

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Satyanarayana Swamy idol (small size)

A small-sized depiction of Lord Vishnu, one of the principal deities in Hinduism, carries profound significance for devotees seeking his blessings, guidance.

Benefits And Uses of Vishnu (small size)

  • Promotes focus and devotion during worship
  • Brings the blessings of Vishnu into your home
  • Source of comfort and inspiration
  • Daily puja (worship) at home shrine
  • Carrying for travel protection and good luck
  • Placing in car for safe journeys
  • Keeping in workspace for success and prosperity
  • Gift for religious occasions


  • Weight: 13.16 grams
  • Height:1.3Inch
  • Width: 0.5Inch
  • Length: 0.5Inch approx.

Silver Purity

  • Purity of Silver is guaranteed. Testing variations may result in tolerance of up to 0.5% in Silver Purity


  • Made in India and Imported; Shipped from USA only

Legal Disclaimer: The product is guaranteed to be 100% genuine. Product images are for illustrative purposes only. Images/packaging/ labels may vary from time to time due to changes made by the manufacturer's manufacturing batch and location. The product description is for information purposes only.

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